Farmhouse style bathrooms have been on the rise because a farmhouse designed bathroom is homey, warm, and welcoming. It also lends itself to hybrid styles like modern-farmhouse, country-chic, and industrial meets rustic. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom and adding some rustic touches we outlined the key places to focus on. 


The Walls 

The walls of your bathroom are a great place to add accents to tie your entire bathroom together. Opt for crisp clean white walls with wooden baseboards for a modern farmhouse feel. Beaded wallpaper is an affordable and easy to install option for a more rustic feel. While wallpaper may have been more of a nuisance than it was worth in the past, modern wall paper is easy to use, won’t break the budget, and won’t damage your walls. Painting your wall a light grey is a great option for those who prefer the industrial farmhouse look. 

The Vanity 

One key staple of a farmhouse bathroom is an oversized sink. This one element helps to bring volume and visual interest to your bathroom. Your vanity is also a great place to incorporate wood. A wood top counter, wood counters, or a wood framed mirror will help to add rustic charm. If you have a small bathroom a wall to wall mirror will help give the illusion of a larger bathroom. Add wood framing around your mirror or a small wooden ledge to keep in line with the overall decor. If you prefer to have his and her mirrors, then add hanging mirrors. Using a piece of leather and round mirrors, wood cabinetry, crisp white walls, and wood paneling give the below bathroom a modern farmhouse aesthetic. 

The Shower 

The barn door is making a come back in modern design. Add barn doors to your frameless shower enclosure. At Premier Glass Austin, we have several hardware styles and colors to ensure your barn door shower enclosure suits your bathroom’s style. An added perk of adding barn doors to your bathroom is they help to save on space as they slide open rather than hinge open. If you find yourself remodeling a smaller bathroom, barn shower doors could be your perfect space saving solution. If you’d rather a large elegant tub, no problem! Premier Glass Austin, is able to build an enclosure around your shower and tub for one, no mess, wet room. 

The Fixtures 

The fixtures of any bathroom help to marry all the elements together for a cohesive look. One signature of a farmhouse styled bathroom is exposed light bulbs. Your lightbulbs may have a clear covering, like a mason jar, but keeping them exposed is stylistic to a farmhouse bathroom. Another area to focus on is the handles of your drawers and sink fixtures. Opt for black fixtures for an industrial style bathroom, gold for a touch of luxury, and white for a modern feel. 

The Personal Touches 

Now that all the large renovations are handled, it’s time to add your personal touch. Greenery or pampas grass is great for making your bathroom pop while adding some color. Add some shelving for extra space to show off your personal flair, by adding candles and vases. Wire or woven baskets are also great for decoration and have an added storage benefit. Art is a great way to convey the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Stock image websites like Unsplash, make finding and printing images easy. Depending on your theme you may want a slender frame or a more ornate frame to stay within your farmhouse aesthetic. 

Your bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be a headache when you focus on these key elements. At Premier Glass Austin, we pride ourselves on providing Austin homeowners and contractors with top-quality and affordable shower glass products. We can help you with your barn door frameless shower enclosure, mirrors, and shelving. Give us a call today and let’s chat about how we can help make your dream farmhouse bathroom a reality!

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