Custom Residential Glass in Georgetown, Texas


Tailor-Made Frameless Glass Showers

Nothing ages a bathroom more than a deteriorating shower area (except maybe once-trendy wallpaper & tiles). Let us upgrade your space with a custom frameless glass shower enclosure. We use the highest quality ⅜” to ½” thick glass to create strong and sparkly showers. In addition to designing and cutting glass specifically for your space, we offer a range of hardware styles and finishes that allow you to customize every square inch of your shower.

Weather-Resistant Glass Handrails

Glass handrails impart a fresh, modern look to your indoor and outdoor spaces. We love the look of our strong tempered glass on decks and balconies, as the transparent design allows for uninterrupted views as well as protection against wind, rain, and snow. Indoors, glass handrails open up your space and make it feel larger.

Balcony Handrail Stock Image

A Cut Above the Rest

Our tempered glass contains minimal iron, which creates an exceptionally strong and clear material. With a 91% light transmittance, low-iron glass minimizes color distortion and maximizes the transmission of natural light. You’ll notice that low-iron glass lacks the naturally occurring green tinge found in most glass.

In addition to ensuring low-iron content, we use glass that’s been treated with ShowerGuard Glass solution. ShowerGuard protects your shower from scratches and contaminant buildup, which preserves the integrity and clarity of your glass for years to come.

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