Elevate Your Space with Stunning Glass Handrails

Is it time to upgrade the railing on your balcony? Perhaps you’re designing a brand-new home and want a fresh, modern look for your indoor stairway. Glass handrails offer a sleek, structurally sound alternative to wood or metal.

Benefits of Glass Handrails

Deck with Glass Handrail

Beautiful Look, Fuss-Free Maintenance

Glass handrails offer a number of benefits, not the least of which is their brilliant visual appeal. The transparency of glass makes indoor spaces feel larger and offers unimpeded views from outdoor decks and balconies.

Maintenance is also a breeze – with a good glass cleaner and squeegee, you can clean your handrail in minutes. Because our handrails are constructed with strong tempered glass and rust-resistant hardware, you won’t have to worry about rot, mold, rust, or termites – all common issues with handrails constructed from metal and wood.

A Safe, Durable Alternative

Unlike traditional handrail materials, our top-of-line tempered glass and hardware eliminate many of the hazards associated with balasts and slats. The narrow openings between panes in our glass handrails are too small for children and pets to get stuck in or climb through. And because we use only the strongest tempered glass, cracks and breakage are extremely unlikely.

In fact, an expertly installed exterior handrail can actually serve as a protective barrier that minimizes the effects of strong wind, rain, and snowfall. Our glass can withstand even extreme temperatures without sustaining structural or aesthetic damage.

House with Glass Handrail

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Glass & Hardware Options

We offer a variety of hardware finishes and design styles to complement your glass handrail. During your free in-home consultation, we’ll discuss the best design options for your space.

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