If you’re considering a bathroom remodel for your home, you probably have several questions. One of those questions may be, “Do I need to hire professionals?”, or “Can I DIY my renovation?” While there may be, depending on your craftsmanship level, a few items you can DIY, however, most of your improvements would be better left to a professional. Both large and small bathroom spaces can be lengthy and stressful, but when you hire the right professionals, like Premier Glass Austin,  you can have peace of mind in a job well done. Read on for our top reasons why you should hire a professional for your bathroom remodel instead of taking a DIY approach or relying on someone without the necessary expertise or credentials. 

  • The result is most likely what you care the most about, and with good reason. A professional will be able to offer guidance on selecting the appropriate materials for your home. Premier Glass Austin has several fixtures and hardware options to help you design your dream frameless shower. Your hired professional has an eye for design and your hired team of contractors will help you build your dream bathroom. Working together to ensure your shower hardware matches the tile, etc. 
  • Hiring a professional also ensures that they use the best installation practices to deliver quality results. At Premier Glass Austin, we customize our frameless shower enclosures to fit your bathroom, no matter how large or small. 
  • Cut the stress and anxiety for you and your family by hiring the right professionals. A professional will save you time and money by doing the job right the first time! A professional will also save you time, as DIY remodels can take six months or more. If your home has only one bathroom, then having it out of commission for several months isn’t realistic. At Premier Glass Austin, we have over a decade of experience and can ensure your frameless shower glass installation stays on track – and more importantly, within budget.
  • Protect yourself and your home by hiring a professional with several years of experience. This will protect your home and ensure that your installation goes smoothly. At Premier Glass Austin, we have over 10 years of experience and stand by our work. We take great pride in a job well done! Don’t just take our word for it; take a look at what our customers have to say. 
  • We know that bathroom renovations costs are a concern for most homeowners, making the DIY route appealing. A bathroom is one of the most complicated and complex spaces in your home. You will need to have experience with plumbing, electrical, and waterproofing, just to name a few trades. Lack of knowledge can lead to costly mistakes, unexpected challenges, and timeline delays. A bathroom remodel is worth investing in the best contractors to ensure your dream bathroom becomes a reality. Premier Glass Austin is proud to offer homeowners and home builders with top-quality and affordable shower glass products. Let’s talk about your budget and goals; book your consultation today! 
  • A bathroom remodeling professional works with remodels daily, making them an expert at understanding the nuances of form and function. Your bathroom needs to be beautiful, but it also should be easy to maintain and clean. Allow your contractors to help you decide on the best products to install to ensure they last. Our custom shower glass enclosures are made to be easier to clean and reduce shower scum. 

Hiring a professional contractor to handle your bathroom remodel will reduce your stress and increase your satisfaction during the remodeling process. Your time is valuable, and by letting professionals handle the tedious ins and outs, you can spend more time on the fun aspects of your remodel. If you’re looking to upgrade your shower or have any questions about our seamless process, contact Premier Glass Austin today to book your consultation.