A custom shower glass enclosure is a great way to enhance a bathroom. Many homeowners opt for a glass shower enclosure to bring a clean, airy feel to their bathrooms. They allow for plenty of light and provide a clear view of beautiful tile work and high-end fixtures. Glass shower enclosures allow for easy cleaning; however, over time, standard glass can start to look cloudy. Even with the use of powerful cleaning products, the standard glass will eventually lose it’s crystal clear clarity. To prevent this from happening, Premier Glass Austin recommends ShowerGuard™ glass. Through modern technology, ShowerGuard™ glass provides sparkling clarity that will last for years to come. 


Why Does Standard Glass Get Foggy?

To the naked eye, glass is smooth and flat. However, under a microscope, you can see that the surface of standard glass is full of imperfections. The continuous exposure to a hot, humid environment of a shower can further erode the surface of standard glass. The constant use of the shower can leave standard glass with more and deeper imperfections. Over time the minerals in the water become embedded in the flaws of the glass. Eventually, these imperfections become visible to the naked eye in the form of water spots and cloudy stained glass. 


How is ShowerGuard™ Glass Different?

ShowerGuard™ glass is engineered to prevent minerals, soap scum, and other contaminants from getting embedded in the glass’s surface. With the use of ion beam technology to deposit layers of protection on the glass’s surface, your shower will stay crystal clear. By building up these ion beam layers on the glass, you’ll notice a dramatically smoother surface through the lack of staining and clouding. Unlike spray-on coatings, ShowerGuard™ glass will never wear off through regular use. There is no need for expensive specialty cleaners or re-application. ShowerGuard™ glass is a permanent solution where the glass is sealed during the manufacturing process. It gives you a beautiful shower door that keeps its integrity, shower after shower, with regular maintenance. Through regular cleaning, ShowerGuard™ glass will retain its clarity throughout its lifetime. Additionally, ShowerGuard™ glass has a lifetime warranty, ensuring your shower glass stays in tip-top shape! 

Standing Shower with frameless glass door

Clean Easier 

ShowerGuard™ glass is not a self-cleaning product. That being said, it requires minimal upkeep with products that can be found at most grocery stores. Think of it as a Teflon pan; while it is easy to clean, it does require to be wiped regularly. As an added benefit, you do not need to use harsh chemicals. Even natural cleaning products can help with routine maintenance. For areas like Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, and BeeCave that have very hard water, occasional use of a store bought cleaner and a soft sponge will easily remove any residue. 

See the difference ShowerGuard™ glass can make! Give us a call today, and our team of professionals can walk you through the best ShowerGuard™ glass for your bathroom. With over ten years of experience, Premier Glass Austin is proud to offer Austin and the surrounding areas custom affordable glass shower enclosures that will provide years of low-maintenance enjoyment!